Getting started

Welcome to Upstage Developer Documentation! empowers you to build innovative AI applications. This documentation provides everything you need to get started, from quick starts to in-depth tutorials.

Get started quickly:

  • Quick start: Get up and running with Upstage API in just 3 steps. Learn how to get your API key.
  • Create your own chatbot: Build a chatbot using Upstage Solar LLM's powerful capabilities.

Deepen your knowledge:

  • Tutorials: Explore a variety of tutorials to master specific Upstage features.
  • APIs: Learn in detail about Upstage products like Solar LLM and Document AI.

Experiment with Upstage Playgrounds

Get hands-on experience with's capabilities through our interactive playgrounds.

Need help?

  • FAQ: Find answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Support: Share some details with us, and we'll provide the best possible solution.
  • Join Discord Community: Ask any questions or share your experience with our community!

Stay Updated:

This documentation is constantly updated. Check the "Last updated" date on each page to ensure you have the latest information.

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